Seoul Paradise Escorts and Seoul Massage

Welcome to Seoul Paradise Escort (Anma)!


'Anma (ahn-ma)' is a Korean word which means 'massage'.
However it is not just an ordinary Seoul massage,
Anma is the place where the guys can have sex with girls just like a massage parlor. 


We offer very special events for our precious clients.
Not only just a sex,
but also we will give you pleasures you never dared dream of.
We offer the most beautiful girls who are ready to blow your mind.


Our girls are very open-minded and they are able to do.
blowjob, handjob, rimming, squirting, and cream pie.
They hunger for your cock and whatever your fantasies, they are happy to obey along with an entertaining Seoul massage.

We promise you will have the most memorable night in Korea. 


How to enjoy with our sexy girls?


1. Click 'contact us' on the right, at the top of our homepage,
then go to 'question & comment' and leave your 'Wechat' , 'Whatsapp' or
'Line' ID to arrange your reservations as well as pick-up and drop-off services.


2. Once the process is done,
one of our club managers (English speaker) will
get in touch with you,

and he or she will bring you to our club by using our cab.


3. When you arrived our club,
you choose the course you like and pay the fee to burn yourself out tonight.


Here are the courses that you can choose to blow your mind.


1) Club Single-shot

(You can cum once within 60 minutes)


2) Club Double-shot

(You can cum twice within 70 minutes)


3) Club Unlimited

(You can cum as many times as you can within 80 minutes)


4) Club Threesome

(You can fuck with 2 beautiful ladies within 80 minutes)


*Surcharge will be applied by using the credit cards 


4. Once you choose from the options,
our manager will give you a locker key,
and you can take a shower.

Then, the manager will come back to you to take you to the club room. 


5. In our club, you will hear loud club music in such fancy light.

You will see a lot of naked sexy girls dancing and fucking with other customers
on live, and also you can be a part of them.


*You can use your own private room,
if you are not feeling comfortable with other customers


6. When you choose your partner,
the partner will bring her friend, and they will make you horny.

They will suck and lick all around your body and you can do whatever you want to do to them too. 


7. You can either fuck your partner in the club room, or you can take your
partner to your private room, and fuck her as hard as you can.

8. After your satisfaction is full filled, our manager will send a cab for you to
return your place safely

Seoul Paradise Escorts and Seoul Massage

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Gangnam, Seoul, Republic of Korea